“The fast pace and heavy lifting on my job would occasionally cause a back muscle to spasm. The last time it happened in 1994, I went to see Dr. McGee. The pain was unbearable. I had to lie down across the back seat of the car to get there. With consistent care from Dr. McGee the pain went away. Since that time I have been seeing Dr. McGee on a wellness program, once a week. I can’t change my lifestyle so seeing her on a regular basis enables me to maintain a healthy spine so that I’m less apt to spasm the muscles again.”

“I remember it well… the first big muscle spasm. It was caused from lifting my then nine-month-old son in and out of the car. The damage was gradual but hit like a ton of bricks. I ended up flat on my back and on muscle relaxers until I was able to function again. That was in 1990. From then on every aspect of my life was shadowed by the uncomfortable aggravating pain. By 1996, yes, six years later, I was just plain sick and tired of living with the nagging lower back pain. My husband, Alfred, was feeling great with his regular chiropractic visits and he highly recommended that I go see Dr. McGee. That was the best move I could have made. I remember the feeling when I realized that I had no pain. NONE! It was amazing because I had learned to live with it, so when it was gone, it was remarkably noticeable. I continue to see Dr. McGee on the wellness program and I cherish, still, every painless moment in life.”

—Alfred & Dolores Lattanzi (Owners, Everett Supply Company)

“I had a severe attack of sciatica, on Memorial Day weekend, 1998. I went to Harvard Vanguard and received a prescription for Naporoxen. However, I was on my fourth refill and still quite uncomfortable. I felt that there had to be something better than “taking pills.” I shared this feeling with a neighbor and he recommended that I see Dr. McGee. I have been seeing Dr. McGee ever since. She has taught me to be aware of what’s going on with my body and therefore to “nip” discomfort, before it gets out of hand. I would recommend Dr. McGee to anyone who wishes an alternative method of healing.”

—Dotty Gomez (Professor)

“On the referral of a friend, I sought out the services of Dr. Lorraine McGee nearly four years ago after I had a bad fall at work. The injuries I sustained left me anxious to find relief and I certainly found that under the care of Dr. McGee. Gratefully, I also found much more. Dr. McGee… has helped me to achieve a wonderful balance of physical and emotional health. By making chiropractic care a routine part of my weekly schedule, I have taken control of my health, helping my body to help itself to wellness. Since teaming up with Dr. McGee, the quality of my life has dramatically improved, well beyond my recovery from the initial injury that brought me to her. Weekly visits and adjustments have made me physically and emotionally stronger and I feel more grounded and in control. I find that I have far more strength and endurance to accomplish more than I previously was capable of. In times of stress, I now have the tools to help my body minimize the effects and recover faster. What I have accomplished with Dr. McGee’s help and expertise is especially gratifying because it supports my view of health care, working with the body’s own ability to heal, without the use of medications or injections. Dr. McGee has the wonderful ability to listen to me and understand my lifestyle so that my care is a team effort… of her and me. Perhaps one dimension of a life well lived is in achieving control of it. Dr. McGee has been my facilitator in finding that balance of physical and emotional well-being on my journey to good health. I am grateful.”

—Maria Torcivia (R.N.)

“I started going to Dr. McGee because of a neck and back problem that I was having. This is the area where I hold my tension. The pain was starting to travel up to my face. At that point I knew I needed to get help. During this time I was taking evening yoga classes in Dr. McGee’s office and had developed a relationship with her. After hearing my complaints, Dr. McGee recommended I visit her during office hours. That was 4 years ago and I am still seeing her. With Dr. McGee’s help, I have learned how to focus in on a stressful area by becoming more aware of that area. She has taught me how to breathe into the area that is under stress. Her objective is helping me to reduce the stress on my own, which works in unison with my treatments. My experience with working with Dr. McGee and her staff has been a very positive one and I know that I will be enjoying her services for a long time to come.”

—Rose Gilfeather (Office Manager)

“I used to feel sluggish at work and frequently had migraine headaches. Getting treated in the relaxing atmosphere gives me greater energy and stamina and my headaches are few and far between. Incorporating chiropractic with working out at the gym makes me feel more youthful and in the best shape of my life. Network Spinal Analysis helps alleviate nagging injuries that come with my job so that I can maintain an active lifestyle.”

—David D’Agostino (Mail Carrier)

“Before coming to Dr. McGee, each day was a question. How much pain? Will I have enough energy for my busy schedule? Will this be the day my back goes out again? Now, I know what it is like to be pain-free, to move about the day in comfort. I feel brighter and more alive. And at the end of my day I still have energy left. The only way to understand this feeling is to try it yourself.”

—Tricia Kemens (Surgical Nurse)

“Dr. McGee has helped to enhance my understanding of the mind/body connection. With regular, ongoing Network Chiropractic Care, I have experienced less joint pain, more energy, and a greater overall sense of well-being.”

—Eda Theodoridis (High School Teacher)

“I am absolutely amazed by the way I feel since going to Lorraine. Before, I had serious back problems that would sometimes bring me to my knees in pain. But since I started seeing Lorraine, my back is stronger, I no longer have pain, and I generally feel better. That’s the best part—that I just feel better overall.”

—Chris Edris (Computer Consultant)