Research Scientifically Explains the Amazing Results Chiropractors Have in Clinical Practice

Excerpted from an article in WDDTY (What Doctors Don’t Tell You)

I read this article (“Tuning up the brain”) recently and while it is great to see more proof that explains chiropractic, this magazine and the authors are really not up on the data. There are so many studies showing how and why chiropractic works going back to osteopaths using rabbit spines and hips in the 1940s. I guess it’s great to see newer technology being used. In this case Dr. Haavik used a very sophisticated way of measuring neuroelectrical signals in the brain called TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation on patients undergoing spinal adjustments.

Here’s the gist of the findings published in the journal Brain Sciences by neurophysiologist and chiropractor Heidi Haavik:

Joint dysfunction (spinal misalignments), when treated with chiropractic care, changes processing by the prefrontal cortex –  ie. The BRAIN itself.

Affecting the brain in this way, not only creates local changes in the spine but has been shown to decrease pain, improve muscle function, increase muscle strength, improve reaction time, improve balance and proprioception and reduce the risk of injury.

Restoring normal movement to the spinal joints restores more normal data input from the spine to the brain. This in turn, allows the spinal cord, brain stem and brain to process any incoming information more coherently.

Chiropractic care impacts our brain’s inner reality by restoring proper processing and integration of sensory information, which alters the way our brain controls our body!!