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Welcome to my first BLOG. This will be an important way to convey relevant and practical topics that I feel are helpful for living a wellness lifestyle and enhancing brain and consciousness evolution. This blog may also serve as a reminder or a touchstone to keep you on target with your wellness goals. It may also help you set higher goals and tap into parts of yourself you “forgot” about.

Quality of Life Study

We are so privileged so be able to consider things beyond our basic human survival needs, such as chiropractic care to enhance the quality of our lives. Dr. Donald Epstein, the chiropractor and visionary who developed Network Spinal Analysis or NSA, conducted the first Quality of Life Study in 1994-1995. This retrospective study showed beyond statistical significance that 2818 people under NSA care had enhanced physical, emotional and psychological well-being. In addition this study showed improvements in stress levels, life enjoyment, positive lifestyle changes and overall quality of life. The full study is available on this website or upon request at our office. NSA has improved my quality of life and continues to do so even after 21 years. Every day I am reminded that there is MORE. There is more to my Self and more awareness to harness.

I invite you to share with me how NSA has enhanced your life beyond the physical in the comments section. Scroll down to add your comment below!

Thank you for being on this journey called LIFE with me.

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  1. Dear Dr. McGee, I remember how I felt before I visited your office for the first time. I had fractured vertebrae, chronic migraine and was in a profound state of grief after losing my Sister, Stepdad, Mother-in-law, my dog and my cat in less than one year. I was a mess. I felt relief after one visit!! I was amazed! I was calmer, less anxious, able to concentrate for longer periods of time. I remember going to get soup after my first visit with you. I could actually taste the soup!! Food had lost its joy. Everything I had loved had lost meaning. It seemed like after that first visit that a veil had lifted just enough to let in some light. I cried!! And I decided to keep coming no matter what because I could FEEL a difference. My back is now healed. Migraine can still surface but it is so much better than it was and I have no doubt it will get better as I work with my body to reawaken it to its natural healthy state, and I no longer feel hopelessly sad. I find joy in life again. I am more centered spiritually, eat better, sleep better, enjoy hobbies and feel a sense of purpose. I am eternally grateful.

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