Why is the treatment called an “entrainment” and not an “adjustment”?

The word adjustment is used more to refer to a traditional chiropractic approach to the spine which usually has as its philosophical basis the “fixing” or “adjusting” of a specific problem or vertebrae. NSA has a unique approach to the spine and nervous system ie. with each session we are amplifying the peace and ease that already exists in the nervous system.

Why are there sometimes up to 3 people in the entrainment room at the same time?

It takes time after each contact for the nervous system to respond, to release and to connect. This allows this process to unfold naturally. Also, research and experience in NSA has shown that a “group field of intention” will amplify each person’s experience It’s usually more fun and easier to participate in any group activity such as exercising etc. …because there is a support system. It’s the same concept with NSA.

Why do I sometimes feel light-headed or disoriented after an entrainment?

As the nervous system reorganizes to a higher level these feelings may be experienced. A light-headed feeling can mean that there has been an increase in blood flow to the brain and body. It is actually an excellent sign that deep reorganization has occurred. Your nervous system is making new connections. The disorientation can be a result of simply not having a similar experience before, therefore not having a point of reference. Sometimes the brain will drop down into a brain wave pattern associated with deep relaxation and sleep, and it may feel like you need to take a nap. Take some time to relax in the office before driving if this happens.

Why do I sometimes yawn a lot while I’m being entrained?

Every person has their own unique way of releasing stored tension. Some people move and stretch. Some cough, laugh or cry. Others are more sensory and have feelings like “electric tingling”, heat or vibration. Still others will feel their breath get significantly fuller and perhaps extend throughout the whole spine.

Why do you always touch my feet and move my ankles and legs around?

Part of the analysis of NSA is assessing the neurological tension in the spine and watching how it changes as the gentle contacts are made. It gives the doctor specific information about which pattern of tension needs to be addressed on a specific visit and how that pattern is changing. Your highly trained NSA doctor knows by checking these “indicators” the exact level of the spine that is holding tension and in which direction it’s being held (lengthwise or side to side).

Why am I sometimes on the table for 5 minutes and other times longer?

It all depends on the specific entrainment goal of the day. With each visit your doctor wants to see that you have learned a new strategy and that you have released tension and connected more deeply to your body. A single contact may produce this result. The spine will continue to release on its own over the next several hours and even while you are sleeping.

What should I be doing on the table while you are working with me or entraining someone else?

Relax, close your eyes but also pay attention to what’s happening in your body. Always get a sense of your breath when you first lay down. Notice how deep it is and where you feel it in your body. What part of the front of your body is moving up and down on the table as you breathe? It is important to let the breath happen naturally as you pay attention to it. Notice any other sensations you are feeling as your nervous system releases tension.

Why do I have to be entrained so frequently at first?

Entrainments work with the concept of repetition. It is similar to learning to play an instrument where daily lessons are needed to master the fundamentals. Your nervous system is learning something new therefore the initial frequency is generally three or more visits per week. This process “hardwires” the basics nervous system “software,” which is needed for the more complex programming that occurs in Transform and Awaken Care.

Are those breathing exercises really necessary? I often feel tired after work and just want to relax on the table.

Those breathing exercises called “Somato Respiratory Integration” exercises or SRI for short, are a fundamental part of NSA. By using breath, movement and attention they deepen your connection to your body and enhance your NSA experience. Doing them at home every day can boost your progress. The 12 Stages of Healing by Dr. Donald Epstein is available for purchase at our office and is an excellent guide to all of these exercises.

The results of NSA seem mind-boggling. How can such a light touch produce such incredible effects?

The power of NSA lies in its specificity. Through the system of analysis your doctor is able to “read” your body and know the specific pattern or “phase” of tension to address. During your entrainment the spinal gateway that will produce the best possible change is contacted. Spinal gateways are packed with neurological sensors that go directly to your brain, inhibiting stress physiology and stimulating healing to occur.

I feel like my life has changed so much since I started Network Care. Not only have my headaches gone away, I have less stress in my life and I handle problems more easily. Is this just a coincidence?

No it’s not a coincidence and in fact this experience is very common. A quality of life study published in the 1990s proved just that. This retrospective study showed with startling scientific significance that people under Network Care showed many quality of life changes in addition to reduced pain. It is referred to as a landmark study because other disciplines started to study “quality of life” factors and “wellness indicators” after this study was published. The entire study entitled “Documentation and Characterization of Network Care” is available on the NSA literature rack at our office.

I keep hearing about “clear days” and “transformational gates”. What are they and how would they benefit me?

Clear days and Gates are both designed with a similar objective in mind. That objective is to advance your spinal and neurological strategies via NSA in a more rapid manner. A clear day is a one-day event structured around 3 entrainments and somatorespiratory integration exercises. There is often yoga or some other self-discovery class to aid in your transformation as well. These generally have groups of 50 people or less with up to 4 doctors entraining in a group room. A transformational gate is a two-day event with a similar structure to a clear day. “Gates” as they are called, generally have over 500 people in attendance and 25 doctors entraining including Dr. Donald Epstein. Because NSA uses the group field of intention, the larger the field the easier it is to access new strategies and advance flexibility in your nervous system.

How do I explain to my friends and spouse how NSA works?

A great way to do that is to bring your friend or spouse to the New Client Orientation scheduled at various times throughout the month. All the basics of NSA are discussed including how it was developed, how it works, what spinal cord tension is and its many causes. The article entitled “How Does This Stuff Work Anyway” is also a great place to start (see Resources page). Phone consultations to address specific concerns are also available.

Do you learn NSA in chiropractic school?

NSA is a post-graduate course of study in addition to the basic 4-year chiropractic education. NSA is always evolving, and therefore continued studies are required. NSA docs are constantly honing their knowledge and skills in both NSA and SRI.

How long do you go to school to become a chiropractor?

Chiropractic is taught as an intensive 4-year graduate degree program. A chiropractor receives a doctorate in the science and art of chiropractic. Studies are basically on par with a medical doctor’s education with more emphasis on anatomy, physiology and the specific chiropractic techniques and philosophy. There is a one-year clinical rotation. A 4-year Bachelor of Science is now required by many chiropractic schools. Doctors of chiropractic are also licensed by their individual states and are required to continue their education on a yearly basis.